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M2 Logo_fI am a principal at a consulting firm called M Squared Group, which specializes in helping clients understand their Best Customers; we also strive to figure out how to keep those customers longer and have them purchase even more in the long run.  Our work helps clients draw customer insights from data that may be “dirty” and come from multiple sources.  We then develop recommendations on how to become economically successful from that data, using a practical, “roll up the sleeves” approach to ensure that the answers are not only strategically correct, but can also be executed within a company’s constraints and requirements.

As an organizational psychologist, my particular expertise revolves around the organizational dynamics of creating a more customer-centric culture.   I can help connect insight to action–whether this requires changing how employees and sales associates work with customers, or how complex firms can become effectively driven to planned change and innovation, which ultimately impacts the behavior of their customers.

M Squared Group is a high-performance work team (and I am professionally qualified to make that type of claim!); we have 14 individuals who work well together and enjoy each other, which allows us to collaborate and deliver great results to our clients.  We also pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service to our clients, by supporting them individually when they need help.  Essentially, we “have our clients backs.”

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Nick Trendov February 6, 2010 at 5:23 pm

Mark, personae go much further than segments and processes do the same to flat multi-variate behaviour markers–but you know this already.

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